Love, Passion and Enthusiasm for Writing in French

Need to write product descriptions, web texts, editorials and other types of high end content in French?
I would love to help you: writing French is my passion and my hobby!

Each business needs its own voice to reach its target.
Globalization and increase of social medias involve new written rules. Twitter (140 characters) Facebook, Website content or Press release, each media has the same goal:

Make sure that your message will be understood and will meet the designated target audience.

Find the Right Words in French

I will help you explain, inform, promote ideas, and express feelings in French.

I will help you go beyond translation and adapt your English content for French communication.

I have several years’ experience offering high end French content writing services.

Write, Review, Edit and Adapt your French Content for

  • Websites
  • Social media and blogs
  • Press Kit
  • Annual and Financial reports
  • Advertising materials, Brochures
  • Proposals
  • Packaging and labelling
From EnglishAu Français

About me

French content writer with more than 12 years of professional experience. I bring the readers where you wish to have them by selecting the appropriate words.
My career allows me to develop my communication abilities and adapt my skills to diverse environments such as communication agencies, project/product management, non profit organisations and media outlets.

I have two masters degrees in communications, one in social communications and another in communication for organizations, both obtained from French universities.

I am also a music journalist who writes in French.


Yolaine Maudet

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